For The Investor: Profit

Investors know profit is made when you buy, not when you sell. That’s what makes off-market properties such an attractive real estate investing strategy. If you can reach the owner of an off-market property and explain the value you offer as a real estate investor before they publicly express an interest in selling, you have the opportunity to acquire the property with plenty of room for profit. By the time an owner lists their property on the market and competition creeps in, it’s too late.




For The Owner: Fixing a Bad Situation

Off-market property owners that real estate investors target are typically going through difficult life circumstances and are highly motivated to sell. Whether it’s death, divorce, or debt — they need to sell quickly and don’t want to pay fees, commissions, or out-of-pocket expenses associated with a traditional sale. Real estate investors can offer to buy their property for cash and close quickly, solving their most urgent needs and providing value that a real estate agent can’t.


Powered By Aquestor

As a partner to Aquestor we can provide you the most accurate, comprehensive Off-Market Real Estate information available. Our leads focus on homeowners motivated to sell by either a Foreclosure proceeding, Probate or Eviction. Compiling this data in one user friendly application delivers everything you need in a glance. You have a full physical and financial description of the property involved. All the parties named by the filing attorney are listed by us with their relation to the property with contact information in several easily downloaded formats.