Data Collection

Let PDS do all of the hard work for you! We extract all available data in each casefile pertaining to Foreclosures, Probates and Evictions. We support multiple counties within the central and coastal Florida regions.

We provide every detail including the plaintiff, defendant, loan origination date  and additional mortgage information. We also provide first filing of Lis Pendens, as well as final sales data.

Our data is updated daily, providing you time to help people during a difficult time. Casefiles are time sensitive, therefore providing daily updates at your fingertips is essential to your business.

Elite Investors

Do you want to be part of an elite group of investors? The data we provide is 3-4 weeks ahead of your competitors. We capture, scrub and cross-reference all the data required to be successful!

Simply subscribe to our services and have what you need today, join the elite group of investors who have access to our data weeks before your competition.

We are the "GO TO" source for OFF MARKET LEADS!


We offer with subscription access to our online dashboard. Allowing you to view, print, select and send directly to your mail merge platform and create your custom mailing lists. Simply select the record and mail!

Additionally our dashboard allows you to quickly print your case files the day of the Auction.